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Carrollton Texas Zip Code

Est. Carrollton Tx Zip Code Details of 75006

Estimated Population
Living CostLess a U.S average living cost
Land Area17.1 sq. mi.
Water Area0.31 sq. mi.
Population Density
Male Density48.0%
Female Density52.0%

75007 Zip Code For Carrollton Texas Details

Estimated Population56,099
Living CostLess than U.S average living cost
Land Area11.8 sq. mi.
Water Area0.3 sq. mi.
Population Density4,802
Male Density49.6 %
Female Density51.4 %

Est. Details of the 75010

Estimated Population27,201
Living CostLess than U.S average
Land Area8.2 sq. mi.
Water Area0.2 sq. mi.
Population Density3,321
Male Density49.0 %
Female Density51.0 %

You know what a lot of people were asking me that.

Is Carrollton safe, The answer is yes. Because of Carrollton ranked 22nd out of 65 on safe home 2017 list in texas with the score 80.43. Of the 65 cities.

The Safe Home, Security review and used a lot of different data and FBI reports to ensure. how much score do cities have?

Now A lot of people were asking that. Like what major cities are near to Carrollton tx? So here is a list of 5 cities

  1. 12 miles to Plano, TX.
  2. 13 miles to Dallas, TX.
  3. 15 miles to Garland, TX.
  4. 20 miles to Arlington, TX.
  5. 30 miles to Fort Worth, TX.

Now, many people wondering. What is fun stuff in Carrollton texas to do?

1. Cavanaugh Flight Museum

Just 12 mile away from Carrollton Texas. There is a place in small-town called Addison. There is a museum called “Cavanaugh Flight Museum”. Aka Best place to see amazing restored aircraft.

2. Addison Circle Park

So if you are going to Addison then you must visit Addison Circle Park. That’s a green space and recreation area in an urban setting. The park is where most events and festival happens.

Not only that, Here you can walk and see a lot of amazing thing in this park. Even thou you can picnic.

What Is Zip Code Of Carrollton Tx?

Carrollton Tx has 4 zip code if you wanna check out all of this zip code then click on the link
zip code of carrollton texas.
With location maps, time zone, Population, Area Code and the Type of zip code of the Carrollton tx.

What is the sales tax rate in Carrollton TX?

The Carrollton Texas sale tax is 8.25% and this is a total state tax county and city sales tax rates. The Texas state sales tax rate is currently 6.25%.

How far is Carrollton TX from Dallas TX?

The Distance from Carrollton,Texas to Dallas, Texas.
Is around 14.46 miles in southeast area and and 20 miles by car. If you gonna from I-35E S route.
Carrollton and Dallas are 23 minutes far apart, if you drive non-stop.